The Chinese Job: How Fidenza Village used Ogury to target a niche customer

- Nov 25 2016
The Chinese Job: How Fidenza Village used Ogury to target a niche customer

As a potential holiday destination, Italy has a lot going for it; be it for the world class cuisine, historical sites, areas of natural beauty, and of course high fashion. The latter of these has been a key driver in a recent explosion of Chinese tourism to the country. In 2015, 3.3 million Chinese visited Italy, a year on year increase of 45%. As a result of this rapid rise in footfall, China is now the fourth most important inbound market for Italy, behind Germany, the USA, and France.

Fueled by the growing purchasing power of the Yuan (leading to Chinese tourists spending 192m Euros abroad in 2015), and the continued existence of considerable tariffs on luxury goods within China, this boom in ‘fashion tourism’ has proven to be an irresistible opportunity for Italian retailers. One such beneficiary of this trend is Fidenza Village, a fashion retail outlet located on the outskirts of a small town that shares its name, roughly equidistant between the cities of Parma and Piacenza.

In conjunction with the town’s annual Festa Della Luna, Fidenza Village ran a two-week long mobile promotional campaign aimed at reaching high-spending Chinese customers. Fidenza came to Ogury with these specific targets in mind, briefing our Italian office to capture the attention of two distinct groups of Chinese patrons; permanent residents in Italy, and those who were visiting as tourists for the festival.

Targeting Two Distinct Groups
Our targeting matrix took in a number of criteria to zero in on a relatively niche tourist mobile user profile. These included looking at the specific web traffic of users who had visited related sites, such as Armani’s Chinese web portal, Cosmopolitan,, and of course Findeza Village itself. For app downloads, we included a number of travel related apps, such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Air China, and the car service 快的打车 (Fast Taxi).

In order to target Chinese residents, Ogury looked to capture web traffic around news site China News, and the Chinese web portals for designer Furla and fashion news outlet Vogue. For apps, users of Chinese related services such as Baidu Mobile Assistant and online payments app Alipay were included.

The Results
Over the two weeks that the campaign ran, over 64,000 impressions were served to both groups combined, with an overall CTR of 23.25%. Furthermore, of these 12,728 users who clicked on the format, 1,793 went on to click on the downloaded icon at least once - a rate of 14%.

These kind of numbers are only possible through the ultra granular targeting that comes from analyzing web and app download behavior combined. How could your mobile campaigns benefit from analyzing the behavior of your more niche customers?

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