Take The GDPR Grandmaster Challenge

Grandmaster Challenge
- May 21 2018
Take The GDPR Grandmaster Challenge

After two years of build-up, it’s finally here - the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on Friday, May 25th. Even after all of the surrounding press coverage and onslaught of emails from every company you’ve ever dealt with online, given the complexity of the new data privacy rules, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

To mark GDPR’s arrival, here at Ogury we’ve launched a quick-fire interactive experience to help you brush up on some final fact checking before the approaching deadline - The GDPR Grandmaster Challenge.

Have you got GDPR completely sewn up by now, or is your knowledge still a bit rough around the edges? If you’re leaning towards the latter, give us five minutes of your time and you’ll come out more informed. And take no shame in your score - all of the answers will be sent to you on completion, as a handy reference point to look back over should you ever feel the need while navigating your way around the new rules introduced by GDPR.

Feel like you might be in need of a refresh before taking on the challenge? Here’s a recap of all of our GDPR blogs to date.

*Pro tip: you might find some of the answers to the challenge in them.

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