Ogury Acquires Adincube: Intelligent Mediation to Skyrocket Your Ad Revenue

, - Apr 10 2018
Ogury Acquires Adincube: Intelligent Mediation to Skyrocket Your Ad Revenue

Today, Ogury is proud to announce the acquisition of Adincube - an entirely unbiased mediation solution that uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad revenue for mobile publishers.

Through one simple integration (just two lines of code), Adincube Intelligent Mediation connects publishers to every major demand source on the market, optimizes ad revenue, collects earnings, and pays on demand. This not only negates the need to manage multiple accounts, but also results in an average ad revenue uplift of 218%.

Why Adincube and Ogury?

Due to the saturation of standard monetization SDKs currently available, app publishers are often forced to manage dozens of accounts, collect multiple monthly payments, and optimize their revenue manually. This process is labor-intensive, and can often cause latency which disrupts user experience. What’s worse, publishers still struggle to maximize their earnings and fill 100% of their inventory, leaving ad revenue on the table.

With the addition of Adincube Intelligent Mediation, Ogury now solves this problem.

Ogury is committed to changing the mobile marketing ecosystem for the better. Unlike many other mediation solutions that prioritize their own in-house ad network campaigns, Adincube Intelligent Mediation is entirely unbiased to demand. Optimising solely in the interest of the publisher, with no preference to any ad network. This unwavering neutrality towards all ad networks, including Ogury, will continue unchanged. It’s the only way to deliver the highest possible ad revenue to publishers - something that both Adincube and Ogury feel passionate about sustaining. Read more on this here.

How does Adincube Intelligent Mediation work?


Adincube Intelligent Mediation analyses every available ad network, ad exchange, and DSP in real-time, identifying the highest yielding ad at the moment an impression is served. Its unique multi-level machine learning accurately predicts earnings from all performance campaigns (CPI, CPL, CPA) and puts them in competition with CPM campaigns. This unlocks a far greater scope of tangible ad revenue that was previously being missed.

It doesn’t stop there - Adincube Intelligent Mediation uses a unique dynamic floor optimization technology that is the most advanced and effective on the market. It solves the limitations of traditional waterfall optimization, and outperforms both standard mediation and header bidding solutions. In other words, Adincube Intelligent Mediation is your personal team of in-house data scientists optimizing your ad revenue 24 hours a day, delivering 100% fill rates, and achieving unrivaled increases in CPM and ARPU.

Adincube’s unique approach to revenue optimization is inspired by aviation. The core tech team spent years working for chartered airlines. Developing technology used to optimize flight paths and fuel consumption. The same granular efficiencies are applied to Adincube’s algorithm. Producing market leading uplifts in ad revenue and fill rates for mobile publishers.

The Latest Addition to Ogury for App

Following the acquisition, Adincube Intelligent Mediation becomes the third pillar in Ogury for Apps; the company’s suite of solutions for publishers. Active Insights provides app publishers with first-of-a-kind actionable behavioral data about their own users, those of their competitors, and the wider app ecosystem. Augmented Monetisation provides exclusive premium demand, infused with intelligent first-party data to deliver the highest CPMs in the market. Adincube closes the loop, offering a bespoke unbiased mediation layer that fills and monetizes every available impression.

With Ogury for Apps, never before have publishers had so much power to fuel their commercial and strategic growth. For the first time, one platform offers publishers the ability to unearth coveted insights about all users and apps within the mobile ecosystem, access data enriched premium demand, and monetize 100% of their inventory with AI-powered optimization. In short - skyrocketing overall CPM and ARPU, without requiring any additional time, effort, or third-party technology.

Should you have any additional questions or feedback about Adincube Intelligent Mediation, Ogury for Apps, or would just like to hear more about how these solutions could transform your app strategy, don’t hesitate to drop us a line - supply@ogury.com