Just how busy was the Amazon app on Prime Day?


- Aug 17 2017

Just how busy was the Amazon app on Prime Day?

Along with the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day is the latest of a series of discount bonanzas for us to mark in our calendars. If you’ve managed to avoid it so far, Prime Day is actually more like a day and a half when the retail supergiant begins listing one-off promotions for Prime members on a range of different items across its vast inventory. Anything from personal electronics, to fashion, to garden furniture is fair game, and provided you’re prepared to be patient, there are some great deals to be had. If you’ve been eyeing that Viking drinking horn or hotdog toaster for some time, your time is now*.

The moveable July event debuted in 2015, and after something of a rocky start (being dubbed by some as ’Amazon Garage Sale’ for the questionable quality of some offers), the day has proven to be a boon for the retail supergiant. In fact, the most recent 2017 edition saw a 60% uptick in sales compared to the previous year, even propelling company president Jeff Bezos to briefly become the world’s richest man. That’s a lot of little brown boxes winging their way to customers.

It’s also a lot of taps on the official Amazon app, with up to 70% of shoppers choosing to buy their goodies on a mobile device or tablet over a personal computer. At Ogury, we decided to take a look underneath the hood to find out just how all that extra traffic panned out. What we found revealed how orders placed through the app had doubled year on year, but also that the company may still have some work to do in emerging markets. Some highlights from our findings include:

  • - The biggest uptick in user activity came from Canada, which recorded a 9.9% increase in shoppers accessing the app between 9-11th July
  • - Germany and the USA were the second and third biggest climbers, with 9.5% and 8% respectively
  • - However, despite including Mexico in its Prime Day roster for the first time and pushing heavily into the market year round, user activity only increased by 1.4% across the same period

While Prime Day offers are available through the home web portal, the app additionally offers tools that make it easier for shoppers to track deals throughout the sales period. In a country like Mexico, which currently has a relatively low smartphone penetration rate (36%) apps remain inaccessible to many. It’s certainly something for Amazon to keep in mind when extending its sales extravaganza around the world.

We can’t all sell to as many people as Amazon, but understanding audience behaviour, however niche, is key to making strategic decisions for any business. How do your ideal customers behave? Drop us a line and we’ll help you find out.

*Both were genuine Prime Day deals in 2017, if you missed out there’s always next year!