Introducing Ogury Active Insights – Available From Today

Ogury Active Insights
, - Feb 27 2018
Introducing Ogury Active Insights – Available From Today

Today marks the launch of Active Insights, Ogury’s complete app ecosystem solution for publishers.

Since launching the company back in 2014, we’ve spent the last four years at Ogury listening to app publishers, and we’d like to think that doing so has given us something of a deeper understanding of how to make managing and working with apps that bit easier. More specifically, by far the most consistent feedback we hear relates to the challenges publishers currently face with existing analytics tools, and (to put it diplomatically) how they could be so much better.

This is our much-anticipated solution. Powered by our unique high-quality mobile data, Active Insights is designed to fill the knowledge gap left by existing app store metrics and in-app analytics tools. It’s a free, flexible way to activate the insights you discover, leading to significant improvements in user engagement and retention.

Active Insights

With Active Insights, you can:

  • Get all the market knowledge you need with true ownership and real engagement metrics, from within your app’s vertical and beyond.
  • View and understand the performance of your competitors’ apps, and compare them like-for-like with your own across key metrics.
  • Learn what your users are doing with their devices outside of your app. View their cross app usage and their levels of engagement.
  • Understand factors that lead to churn, improve retention, and enhance your overall marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Export audience segments based on their app usage, with the flexibility to action them with your existing marketing tools.
Active Insights

We’re officially calling Active Insights, “The most complete app ecosystem intelligence solution.” But then, as the team who built it, that’s exactly the sort of thing you might expect us to say. For a less biased view, we gave the keys to a few beta partners ahead of today’s launch to give it a test drive.

Perform Media is one of the UK’s leading publishers, with market-leading sports apps including DAZN and Goal in its portfolio. As part of the beta period we ran ahead of the Active Insights public launch, Partner Manager for Perform, Chris Gregory, had the following to say:

“Active Insights gives us a unique advantage in a competitive space. While a lot of solutions exist to track key metrics within our own apps, nothing that we've used before has given us such a clear view of our competitors' performance.”

“This fresh perspective on the competitor landscape has supported our product team with optimizing and launching updates, as well as new products. Additionally, the advertising team has benefitted hugely from understanding what users are doing on their devices outside of our apps, opening the doors to new advertisers and revenue.”

Active Insights


Have you ever wondered what your users get up to outside of your app? Wonder no more, fill those blanks left by your existing analytics, and sign up for Active Insights for free.

Questions? Queries? You may well have many. We’ve got you covered. Feel free to browse our extensive online help center through the link above, or drop us a line book a demo with one of our team at a time that suits you -

Happy exploring!