Introducing Consent Manager – Available From Today

consent manager
, - May 23 2018
Introducing Consent Manager – Available From Today

Today marks the launch of Ogury’s latest tool specifically designed with the needs of publishers in mind; Consent Manager, the world’s first open source consent management platform.

At the cusp of a new post-GDPR, any company that handles the data of EU citizens will now need to consistently display crystal clear consent notices to its users. In conversations with our publisher community, this need for explicit user consent has proven to be a worry for many who fear that user experience and satisfaction will suffer as a result. If users are bombarded with consent notices, fears surround them being driven away from using an app by constant interruptions.

As a provider that has always championed explicit user consent, Consent Manager is a natural evolution point for Ogury’s founding principles. The new platform streamlines the opt-in process, meaning users are only shown a single consent notice covering all demand partners in one.

Publishers can now manage all user data collection consents in a single, centralized place, rather than having to continually switch from one platform to another. For end users, only one consent notice is served, leaving their experience with only the most minimal possible disruption, and in turn, boosting retention.

Compliance Made Easy

At Ogury, we have been GDPR compliant since our founding in 2014, and our latest publisher solution is no exception. Created in line with the IAB compliance framework, Consent Manager will only allow demand partners that are GDPR compliant to access user data.

The platform will support both iOS and Android, with mobile web compatibility in the works. As an open source solution, Consent Manager is free to use for all publishers, even if you don’t currently use Ogury’s SDK.

Consent Manager will be rolled out to partners from today. Should you have any questions or queries about the new platform, Ogury’s SDK, or any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at