‘Most Owned By French Women’ – According to Ogury Mobile Data

, - Jan 25 2018
‘Most Owned By French Women’ – According to Ogury Mobile Data

Nothing beats having a claim backed up by hard data. More to the point, having one of your company strengths highlighted by mobile data from a verified third party is tantamount to the ‘holy grail’ for any mobile business.

For French dating service AdopteUnMec, finding out that they could rightfully claim to have the most French female users amongst all of their competitors was cause enough for celebration. The company beat out established international rivals including Badoo, Tinder, and Happn in Ogury’s cross territory dating app study, which looked at the behavior of mobile audiences across France, as well as those in the USA, UK, Italy, and Spain. The results showed a sizable 37.9% of all female dating app owners had AdpoteUnMec installed on their devices. The resulting report was picked up by international media, including the likes of Netimperitive and Marketing Communication News.


So encouraged was AdopteUnMec by this newfound fact that it became the focal point of a nationwide out of home advertisement campaign. French commuters and travelers arriving at train stations and bus stops across the country from December 2017 were greeted by posters proclaiming one simple message: ‘The dating app most owned by French women.’ A simple yet effective message, and a line that no doubt would have grabbed the attention of any aspiring single Frenchman in the market for a dating service.


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