Adincube & Ogury – Unbiased by Design, as Ever

, - Apr 10 2018
Adincube & Ogury – Unbiased by Design, as Ever

Over the course of its short history, the bedrock of Adincube’s community of mobile publishers have come to rely on its service for perhaps its single greatest USP; being completely unbiased to any network available on the market. With the news of its acquisition by Ogury, we want to take a moment to assure all existing and prospective Adincube users that this commitment to neutrality will remain a cornerstone of its service, as ever.

The Adincube difference

The vast majority of mediation solutions have been created in such a way that they prioritize their own in-house ad network campaigns. What’s more, with many of these existing mediation solutions, it’s not possible to disable the host ad network from your stack. These frustrations have come to be seen as necessary evils in using ‘free’ mediation platforms, but the downside is self-evident; they are designed to benefit their own in-house network and prioritize their own campaigns. This means the publisher doesn’t get maximum revenue from all potential demand sources.

By contrast, Adincube is entirely unbiased to demand. The key to its success has been a relentless commitment to optimizing solely in the interest of the mobile publishers that it serves, with no preference to any ad network. The best price on offer wins, full stop.

After its acquisition, this unwavering neutrality towards all networks, including Ogury’s, will continue 100% unchanged. Quite simply, this is the only way to deliver the highest possible ad revenue and fill rates to publishers, and as the centerpiece of Adincube’s design, it’s a philosophy that Ogury is committed to upholding.

Don’t just take our word for it

Scepticism would perhaps be a natural reaction from any publisher who has had experience with ad networks and/or promises of this type. To hopefully allay any potential concerns, Ogury’s team make the following commitment: in choosing to integrate Adincube, publishers will not - and never will be - forced to use Ogury’s ad network. You are free to switch Ogury network on or off at any time. We’re very confident that once you see the revenue on offer you won’t want to consider this, but unlike other solutions, we’ll leave that choice to you, the publisher.

To summarize - Maximizing both revenue and fill rates for publishers are Adincube’s raison d’être. A change of management won’t result in any deviation from that cause, and if you doubt that, feel free to switch off Ogury’s network at any time and continue to enjoy the Adincube service you’ve come to expect. Unbiased as ever.

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