Ogury for Marketers

A complete suite of solutions for brands.


Identify your ideal audience and turn your ads into recommendations with Audience Engagement. Monitor the performance of your competitors based on true user behavior and optimize your mobile strategy with Ecosystem Intelligence.

Audience Engagement

Identify your ideal mobile audience based on true behavior and interests with the most sophisticated targeting on the market. See the complete user journey of your audience, mapped across mobile web and app usage from over 400m profiles. Reap unmatched business results by serving relevant and valuable recommendations, not ads.


Exclusive Data

Ogury’s proprietary, first-party, behavioral and interest data is unique and cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Best Performance for Every Campaign

Best Performance for Every Campaign

By combining this proprietary data with its own innovative algorithmic technology, Ogury offers the most effective mobile ad targeting available.


High Impact Ad Formats

Ogury’s display and video formats are presented to users as recommendations, resulting in increased engagement.

GDPR Ready By Design


From day one, Ogury and all of its associated products have been built around the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, accuracy, and users' rights. Unlike other players in the market, there are no new processes or changes to our products required in order for us to meet the regulations outlined by GDPR. User data is only generated after users explicitly opt-in, which can be rescinded at any time. Withdrawal of this consent does not have any negative impact on user experience other than no longer receiving targeted ads.


Machine Learning Powered Targeting

Ogury targets based on true, accurate, and recent mobile user behavior; from any website visited, to any app downloaded, app usage data, and device information.

Ogury generates data based on what individual users do on their mobile devices; which sites they visit, and which apps they use.

We analyze this data to build real-time mobile user profiles.

Our Business Intelligence team and machine learning algorithm match each of these user profiles according to their relevancy to a given campaign in order to optimize ad delivery.

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Fidenza Village

Ecosystem Intelligence

Ecosystem Intelligence is a complete suite of mobile data products for brands. Gain a thorough knowledge of user behavior and interests on their mobile devices with the ‘Premium Audience Profile’. Monitor the performance of your competitors via the ‘Media Battlecard’.

With these unique insights, inform and optimize your media buying approach, business development, and competitive strategies. The most comprehensive of Ogury’s data solutions is the ‘Total Audience Profile’, illustrated in more detail below.



The Overview provides a summary of key metrics related to your brand and its target mobile audience. Identify the location of your most relevant users, and pinpoint potential hotspots for promotional activity. Make decisions based on the gender balance of your audience and gauge support within specific age-banded groups. Identify how individuals connect to your brand, whether through mobile or tablet, and through which device models.


Age, Gender and Map View

Repartition for each company
(App Owners & Website Visitors)

  • Competitive Map View
  • Gender Repartition
  • Age Categories

Connection and Device Type

View App Owners and Website Visitors by:

  • Device Type (smartphone or tablet)
  • Connection (Wi-Fi, 2G to 4G)
  • Brand and Model


The Engagement panel describes the various ways in which your mobile audience interacts with a brand. For websites, this includes the average number of pages viewed, the overall number of sessions, and much more.

For apps, view the averages of total time spent per day, dwell time per session, and the number of sessions per day. Identify the days of the week on which your audience is the most active, and view the breakdown between inactive, low, mid, and highly active users.

  • Unique Visitors and Sessions Per Visitor
  • Volume of website pages viewed by visitors
  • Visits Overlap, Exclusive and Shared Audience
  • between each competitor
  • Visits Market Share between each competitor
  • Visitors Market Share between each competitor
  • Downloads Market Share between each competitor

Visits Overlap, Exclusive and Share Audiences Between Each Competitor

  • App Usage Overview for app users per competitor
  • Apps Activity Profiles (from ‘inactive’ to ‘highly active’)
  • Possession Overlap, exclusive and shared owners
  • Apps Usage Overlap, exclusive and shared users

Persona Section

The Persona panel provides more of a deep-dive, personal view of your audience, describing their user journey before and after visiting your app or website. Identify what specifically makes them your audience vs the rest of the country, judging what they like and dislike based on applications they own. This breakdown is designed to help you build a truly bespoke media strategy to execute through the power of the Ogury network.

  • Referrer Websites visited 10 mins before the session
  • Apps used the same day
  • Discriminant Referrer Websites
  • Discriminant Referrer Apps
  • Discriminant websites for visitors and app owners
  • Discriminant apps for owners and website visitors
  • Most and least representative app categories for owners