Ogury for Apps

Unlock the true value and performance of your app.


Join the thousands of app developers worldwide who have already integrated our premium advertising SDK, and benefit from the invaluable insights and record-breaking earnings only available through Ogury.


Earn a CPM up to six times higher than the industry average by installing Ogury’s SDK in three quick steps. Monetize your apps with recommended premium brands and upgrade the experience of your users by only displaying ad content relevant to them.

Integrate Our SDK

1. Integrate Our SDK

Quick and easy integration. When
a user downloads your app they
will be asked to consent to our
data collection.

Get Top Brands Ads

2. Get Top Brands Ads

Qualify your users with Ogury data and show them recommended relevant premium brand advertisements.


3. Monetize

Get the highest CPM
in the market.

Compatible with:

GDPR Ready By Design


One of Ogury’s principal commitments is to ask users for an informed, transparent, and unambiguous opt-in before collecting data. Users always have several options to opt-out of our data collection, and can request to have their data permanently deleted should they wish, with no impact on their app user experience. This has been the case since Ogury’s inception in 2014, long before GDPR was under discussion. As such, unlike many other players in the industry, Ogury is compliant with GDPR by design. Only after users accept our opt-in are we able to build our comprehensive audience behaviour profiles, which to date total more than 400 million from over 120 countries world wide.


Brands Ogury Works With:

Case Studies




Tiny Lab






High Ad Revenue

Ogury pays the highest CPM available up to six times higher than the market average.


Quality Ads

Ogury only works with premium brands, meaning your users will never have to sit through ads for questionable products, games, or those of your competitors in your app.


Users Experience

If your users are happy to consent to our data generation, Ogury only recommends premium brands that a relevant to them; no more spamming with annoying ads.