Ogury for Publishers

A complete suite of solutions for app publishers.

Gain unmatched, actionable knowledge of the entire app ecosystem with Active Insights. Maximize the value of each impression via ads from premium brands with Augmented Monetization.


Active Insights

Close the knowledge gap left by standard analytics with the most advanced app market and competition intelligence solution available today.


Adincube Intelligent Mediation

Achieve 100% fill rates with an entirely unbiased mediation layer. Artificial intelligence optimizes ad revenue. Algorithms skyrocket CPM. You get paid on demand.


Exclusive Demand

Add a data layer that qualifies your inventory and gain access to premium brand ads. Maximize the value of each impression with the highest CPM rates in the industry.


Active Insights

Active Insights is a complete app ecosystem intelligence solution. Powered by Ogury's unique high-quality data, it fills the knowledge gap left by existing app store metrics and in-app analytics tools. Active Insights also offers you a free and flexible way to activate the insights you discover, leading to significant improvements in user engagement and retention.

Explore the Entire App Ecosystem

Get all the market knowledge you need with true ownership and real engagement metrics, from within your app's vertical and beyond.

Fill the Knowledge Gaps Left By Current Analytics Tools


Learn what your users are doing with their devices outside of your app. Understand the performance of any app that matters to you, across market share, growth, and user engagement.

Identify Your Competitors and Monitor Their Performance

View and understand the performance of your competitors' apps, and compare them like-for-like with your own across key metrics.

Excel at Audience Engagement and Retention

Discover your shared audiences and churn factors, improve your user engagement and retention, and boost the performance of your marketing campaigns.


Enrich Your User Database With Exclusive Data

Export audience segments based on their app usage, with the flexibility to action them with your existing marketing tools.


Intelligent Mediation

With one simple integration connect your app or mobile website to every major demand source on the market. Optimize ad revenue with artificial intelligence. Unlock the value of every impression. Achieve 100% fill. Increase CPM and ARPU by up to 500%.


The Future of Ad Revenue Optimization is Here

Multi-level machine learning analyzes every available ad network, exchange and buying metric in real-time. Predictive algorithms put performance campaigns in competition with CPM. The highest yielding ad is selected for every impression at ad request level.



Your app or mobile site asks Adincube Intelligent Mediation for an ad to display.


The Cube sends a bid request to all networks(CPI, CPC, CPM) on the market. Advanced machine learning algorithms select the highest bid.


Your app or mobile site display the ad generating most revenue.

More Than Just Mediation

Adincube Intelligent Mediation has developed a unique approach to optimization. Bespoke dynamic floor technology solves the limitations of traditional waterfall optimization. Outperforming standard mediation and header bidding solutions.

Traditional Waterfall Optimization

The typical waterfall model has two major problems that severely limit your earning potential.

  1. Networks are stacked and prioritized, meaning potentialy high bids from networks lower in the stack are missed.
  2. It adopts the ‘second price auction’ meaning, if you receive a bid for $14 from Advertiser A and a bid for $3 from Advertiser B, you will only receive $3.01.

Adincube’s Dynamic Floor Optimization

The unique dynamic floor optimization developed by Adincube Intelligent Mediation, solves issues caused by the traditional waterfall and earns you more.

  1. We flatten the waterfall and put all demand sources, networks, DSPs and programmatic exchanges in competition with each other at the moment an impression is served, meaning you never miss out on the highest bid.
  2. We place dynamic floors at regular intervals. So if you receive a bid for $25 from Advertiser C, and a bid for $14 from Advertiser A, you will receive $24.01(instead of $14.01).

Entirely Unbiased. Always.

Unlike most mediation SDKs which prioritize their own in-house ad network campaigns, Adincube is committed to being unwaveringly agnostic. Unbiased to demand. Optimizing solely in the interest of the publisher. With no preference to any ad network. Including Ogury. This significantly opens up earning potential and noticeably boosts ad revenue.


Net 1 Payments

We gather revenue from all demand sources and pay you on demand.


All Ad Formats

Interstitial. Video. Rewarded video. Banner. Native.


First Class Support

Our support team and technical team are available 24/7.


Exclusive Demand

Earn a CPM up to six times higher than the industry average by installing Ogury’s SDK in three quick steps. Monetize your apps with recommended premium brands and upgrade the experience of your users by only displaying ad content relevant to them.


CPMs up to Six Times Higher Than Any Other Partner

Ogury works exclusively with leading global brands. Through a combination of our proprietary first-party mobile usage data and our machine-learning-powered targeting, we're able to consistently identify the perfect audience for these brands. As such, this allows us to pass on a premium rate CPM to our app publisher partners, higher than any other providers.

Integrate Our SDK

1. Integrate Our SDK

Quick and easy integration. When a user downloads your app they will be asked to consent to Ogury's targeted advertising.

Get Top Brands Ads

2. Get Top Brands Ads

Qualify your users with Ogury data and show them recommended relevant premium brand advertisements.


3. Monetize

Get the highest CPM in the market.

Compatible with:

GDPR Ready By Design


One of Ogury’s principal commitments is to ask users for an informed, transparent, and unambiguous opt-in before collecting data. Users always have several options to opt-out of our data collection, and can request to have their data permanently deleted should they wish, with no impact on their app user experience. This has been the case since Ogury’s inception in 2014, long before GDPR was under discussion. As such, unlike many other players in the industry, Ogury is compliant with GDPR by design. Only after users accept our opt-in are we able to build our comprehensive audience behaviour profiles, which to date total more than 400 million from over 120 countries world wide.


Brands Ogury Works With

Case Studies




Tiny Lab






High Ad Revenue

Earn up to six times more than the average rate from other monetization solutions.


Quality Ads

Ogury only works with premium brands, meaning your users will never have to sit through ads for questionable products, games, or those of your competitors in your app.


User Experience

If your users are happy to consent to our data generation, Ogury only recommends premium brands that a relevant to them; no more spamming with annoying ads.