The most powerful data set in the industry.

Organizations are no longer limited to the data within their own apps and websites. It's now possible to understand the mobile user journey across other brands, apps and websites too. Not just owned assets. Not just the buyer lifecycle. Not just the marketing funnel. But the broader mobile user journey, around the clock.

Ogury empowers organizations with unique first-party data.

Marketers imperatively need first-party legitimate data at scale

Organizations today are only able to draw first-party data from their own apps, mobile sites, and ecosystem. This represents 1% of the daily mobile user journey. What about the remaining 99%?

Ogury Mobile Journey Data bridges the scale gap, uncovering the mobile user journey across other brands, apps and websites.

Ogury collects consented signals from more than 400m unique mobile user profiles from over 120 countries across the globe

These signals are interpreted by purpose-built AI technology in order to generate the first-party interest and behavioral data that fuels Ogury’s MJM solutions.

What you see with Ogury

With Ogury’s Mobile Journey Data you can see websites browsed and apps installed or deleted and usage of all apps.

What you see without Ogury

A tiny fraction of the mobile user journey.
With Ogury Mobile Journey Data we can help you bring even more signals to life for you.

It starts by obtaining user consent to share their mobile journey signals

Ogury presents a clear, high converting opt-in notice to every user. This provides them with the opportunity to give or withdraw explicit consent to share their raw mobile journey signals in exchange for relevant and tailored marketing recommendations.

This makes Ogury and its customers 100% compliant with stringent privacy laws, such as GDPR.

Consented signals are interpreted and transformed into meaningful data

Once collected, these consented signals are transformed by Ogury’s purpose-built Data Generation Engine into meaningful Mobile Journey Data. User behavior is revealed across websites browsed, apps installed or deleted, and usage of apps.

Ogury is empowering its customers with unique, first-party data at scale

Installed Apps

Websites Browsed

Usage of Apps

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