Are you losing revenue without realizing?

If your monetization partner doesn’t know what users do on their mobile devices outside of your own apps and websites, how can they show ads relevant enough to generate the engagement necessary to command top CPMs?

Trust Ogury to scale your revenue, and your reputation.

Increase revenue and build trust, simply and intelligently

With unique consented data at its core, Ogury Intelligent Monetization increases your ARPDAU while improving overall user retention, engagement and trust.

Go beyond predictions based on history

Ogury Intelligent Monetization is the only monetization solution that goes beyond predictions based on history. It understands the mobile user journey across other apps and websites, not just your own, and uses that information to fuel a purpose-built Revenue Optimization Engine.

Loading is parallel rather than sequential to increase efficiency.
Multi-placement, multi-floor calls to demand partners generate a flattened waterfall, where demand partners are called in parallel for each ad request. Unlocking significantly more revenue from your mobile assets compared to other mediation partners.

One SDK. One account. All demand sources.




Through one simple SDK integration, Ogury Intelligent Monetization plugs you into every major demand source on the market and optimizes ad revenue automatically. You manage only one account and receive just one payment. And it's probably more than you receive today, with a fraction of your time required.

Premium content from brands your users love, and want

Gain access to Ogury exclusive demand which leverages unique mobile journey data and purpose-built AI, to identify ideal users and perfect audiences for world-renowned brands.

By reliably identifying brands’ ideal consumers within your app user base, Ogury is able to unlock premium budgets and deliver a CPM up to 6 times higher than the industry average.

Entirely unbiased, always

Trust builds businesses. Both yours and ours. Ogury Intelligent Monetization optimizes revenue with Publishers’ best interests at heart. No demand source, including Ogury, is ever favored.

“Working with Ogury has revolutionized how we monetize our ads. We thought we were doing well before, but the results we’ve had using Intelligent Monetization have been well beyond our expectations.”

Hadrien des Rotours


IsCool Entertainment

Trust Ogury to scale your revenue, and your reputation

One integration is all it takes.

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