What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018. The regulation modernized and strengthened EU data protection rules.

What does GDPR mean for your business?

GDPR applies to all EU companies and any organizations that offer their services to individuals within the EU. This means companies based outside of the EU (including the USA, Canada, Asia, etc.) must also comply if they process any data from users within the EU. Failure to do so could result in:

• Fines of up to €20 million ($24 million, £17 million) or 4% of total global revenue, whichever is greater.

• Repeated audits.

• Bans and suspensions.

• Brand and reputation damage.

Ogury and GDPR

Since 2014, Ogury has empowered end users to make informed choices about their mobile data. Transparency, accountability and user rights have been a cornerstone of the company since day one, long before GDPR became central to conversations about user data.

As an early adopter of user-consented data collection and usage, Ogury is GDPR compliant by design. Ogury’s principles have always aligned with those of GDPR, including lawfulness, fairness, transparency, accountability, and accuracy.

Ogury’s clear, unambiguous consent notice is displayed to every user who visits a publisher app that has Ogury technology integrated. When a user opts-in, they give explicit consent to share their raw mobile journey signals for a specific usage, in exchange for relevant and valuable marketing recommendations.

If they do not opt-in, Ogury does not collect their signals. Choosing not to give consent does not have any negative impact on user experience, other than not receiving Ogury’s relevant marketing recommendations.

In addition to the opt-in consent notice, Ogury provides users with the opportunity to opt-out at any time.

Every piece of marketing content served by Ogury displays a link to a dedicated online opt-out form. Users can additionally exercise their rights at any time by contacting privacy@ogury.com.

For further information, please consult our privacy policy.

The Ogury GDPR Grand Master Challenge.

To mark GDPR’s arrival, Ogury launched a quick-fire interactive experience to help organizations brush up on the new data handling standards. Introducing, The GDPR Grandmaster Challenge.

Take the GDPR Grandmaster Challenge

Are you a GDPR blackbelt? Or is your knowledge still a bit rough around the edges? Give us five minutes of your time and you’ll come out more informed.

Compliant by design. Innovative by nature.

To help organizations manage the complexity of GDPR compliance and user consent, Ogury has created Consent Manager. With one simple integration you can:

• Combine all opt-in notices from every partner, in one convenient place.

• Make giving or withdrawing consent clear, easy and non-disruptive.

• Give users the choice to share mobile journey signals for a specific usage, or pay for access to content.

Don’t risk being non-compliant, or frustrating your users.
Learn more about Ogury Consent Manager
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