Our Values

At Ogury, we have the courage to act with integrity while portraying the utmost consideration to anyone we interact with. Tenacity and positivity, when dealing with problems and obstacles, will enable us to create new and bigger opportunities.

We constantly challenge the status quo, by being curious, asking questions, listening actively, learning new and useful things, and applying them to our work to continuously innovate.

The Five Values

The five values encapsulate everything it means to be an ‘Ogurian’.

They are more than buzzwords that hang on an office wall.

Every quarter, we nominate and reward team members who exceptionally embody one or more of these values. Team behaviors, attitudes and execution of daily missions are inspired by these five fundamental values:

Positivity: Great things happen when we are positive and optimistic.

Curiosity: Being curious creates the kind of opportunities that push us all forwards.

Consideration: We connect with all external stakeholders and staff with the utmost consideration.

Integrity: We have the courage to act with the highest integrity in everything we do.

Tenacity: We are tenacious in pursuit of our goals and ambitions.