Our Story

Our story officially starts long before our founding. Like, a really long time before. Ogury takes its name from the ancient practice of ‘Augury’. In the days of the Roman empire this was the practice of interpreting omens and predicting the future by observing the flight patterns of birds.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and our Co-Founders Jean Canzoneri and Thomas Pasquet had an omen. An omen they believed so confidently in, they were prepared to take life-changing action. What was it? That the signals contained in user journeys on mobile, combined with technology, could be turned in to data that predicts human behaviors, intentions, and interests. They searched and discovered no such technology existed. Ogury was born.

Together with a band of mobile misfits, data crazy-ones, AI action-takers and visionary investors, Jean & Thomas have created something that is changing the marketing world as we know it.

Ogury Timeline


  • Established headquarters in London, UK.
  • Opened office in Paris, France.
  • Closed seed funding round of $2.1 million.


  • Opened two Italian offices in Milan and Rome.
  • Closed series A funding round of $3.4 million.


  • Opened first USA office in New York City.
  • Opened office in Madrid, Spain.
  • Closed series B funding round of $15 million.
  • Nominated by The Drum for MOMA award in 'Best Use of Data' category.


  • Opened USA offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Boston.
  • Winner of Devies award for 'App Monetization'.
  • Winner of MOMAs award for 'Most effective Mobile As Campaign/Strategy'.
  • Winner of 'Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance' for international growth.


  • Acquired Adincube, an Intelligent Ad Mediation technology.
  • Acquired Influans, a CRM Campaign Optimization technology.
  • Opened USA office in Bentonville, AR.
  • Opened office in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Named no.6 in Sunday Times Tech Track 100.
  • Raised $21.1 Million.
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